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For Fast and Furious Fanatics!


For Fast and Furious Fanatics!

Below is a list of our favorite diecast models that came straight from The Fast and The Furious franchise! Is Dom your guy? We've got his Dodges and Chevys; even the Fleetline! Is Brian more your speed? From his Nissans to the Fords, we've got it all! Want to see the full list? Click here 



Letty's Rally Fighter
Jada Toys, 1/24 scale, $16.50
Get the Letty in your life a perfect replica of her Rally Fighter this Christmas!

Brian's Toyota Supra 

Jada Toys, 1/24 scale, $18.20
Race through the streets while the city sleeps in Brian's Toyota Supra!


Fast & Furious 3 Pack

Jada Toys, 1/65 scale, $7.50

Get your hands on these mini replicas of your favorite Fast and Furious models.


Fast Saga F9 Diecast Car Package

Jada Toys, 1/32 Scale, $18.23

Loved the most recent installment to the Fast Saga? Bring home the cars from Fast 9 with this 3 car bundle set.


Brian's Nissan Skyline GT-R BNR34

Jada Toys, 1/24 scale, $18.90
Gift one of Brian's prettiest Nissan Skylines!
Letty's Chevy Corvette

Jada Toys, 1/24 scale, $16.50
This Corvette is just as bold and fiery as the woman who drives it!


Dom's Chevy Fleetline
Jada Toys, 1/24 scale, $16.13
You'll feel the heat this winter when you get this model of Doms Chevy Fleetline!

Mr. Little Nobody's Subaru WRX STI

Jada Toys, 1/24 scale, $16.50
Even side characters have dope cars! Look at this sporty Subaru!


2000 Honda S2000 (Johnny Tran)

Jada Toys, 1/24 scale, $16.99

Johnny Tran was the first villain of the Fast and Furious franchise over 20 years ago! In a way, that makes this car a classic!


Shaw's McLaren 720S

Jada Toys, 1/24 scale, $18.90

There have been so many movies in the franchise, they even made a Hobb's and Shaw spinoff featuring this McLaren.