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Size Does Matter


One of the main considerations in selecting a diecast model car will be to decide what size you want. Collectible diecast cars come in a number of different sizes --the size of each car is referred to as its "scale".


The scale of a diecast vehicle is stated as a fraction (just like the ones you used to hate in school!). This means that a 1/24 scale car is one 24th the size of the actual car. A 1/18 scale car is one 18th the size of the actual car, and so on. This also means that a 1/18 vehicle will be larger than a 1/24 vehicle, which is larger than a 1/32, which is larger than a 1/43, which is larger than a 1/64, and so on -- the larger the number, the smaller the car.

For example: if a real-life Corvette Stingray is about 15 feet (180 inches) long, then a 1/24 scale Corvette Stingray will be about 7 1/2 inches long (180 divided by twenty-four). A 1/18 scale replica of the same car would be 10 inches long.

Here is a list of approximate sizes:

Diecast Scale Approximate Size
1/18 Scale 9-12 inches / 24-30 cm
1/24 Scale 6.5-8 inches / 16-20 cm
1/32 Scale 4-6 inches / 10-15 cm
1/43 Scale 3.5-5 inches / 8-12 cm
1/64 Scale 2.5-3 inches / 6-7.5 cm

For more on scale, see our article on Understanding Scale

If you've done a search on Batmobiles, for example, you've probably found that we carry various models, ranging in size from 1/64 scale to 1/18 scale. Based on the above information, you can decide which is the right size to put on your desk.

If you see a bunch of models available and you're still not sure which one you want, then you'll probably also be considering the question of budget...