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Money Matters Too


You've probably noticed that diecast cars run from extremely affordable all the way up to downright expensive. So you may be wondering, "What's the difference between a cheap diecast car and an expensive one?" or in other words "Why would I ever spend $300 on a toy car?"

Well, as far as diecast cars go, it's pretty fair to say that the old adage applies that "you get what you pay for."

It's not that surprising, for example, that 1/18 scale models are almost always more expensive than smaller cars. In general, a larger model diecast car will cost more than a smaller version of the same car (although there are exceptions).

Still, it is also true that among diecast models of the same size, there can be large price variations. Why is this?

The answer lies mainly in the level of detail. Especially among 1/18 scale cars, there can be a very large difference in the amount of detail in a diecast car. High-end brands such as AutoArt and Sun Star offer cars with exquisite detailing, such as real hood ornaments and upholstered seats, as well as full suspension systems and intricately detailed engines with literally dozens of small parts under the hood.

With less expensive brands, you will likely find a decal instead of a hood ornament, and an engine and undercarriage that are made of one piece of molded plastic with some details etched into it.

In the end, the question really is; how much of a diecast enthusiast are you, really? Do you need all those intricate details, or do you just want something that you can put on your desk for visitors to admire? And of course there's always the question of how much you want to spend...