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Understanding Packaging of Diecast Cars

Understanding Packaging of Diecast Cars

You may have noticed on our website that some diecast car models are listed more than one time, at more than one price. Don't worry, your mind is not playing tricks on you! You are, in fact, seeing the same item twice. So, what's the difference? The answer is quite simple - the packaging.

Diecast collectible cars come in several different types of packaging, for example; Window Box, Retail Gift Box, Hard Plastic Case, "Loose", and Blister Card. The packaging type of a diecast car varies depending on the scale, make, or manufacturer of the car. To get a better understanding of the packaging that our diecast products come in, browse below for a quick description of each packaging type.

 Window Box

A window box is a box that has a clear, and thin plastic window that allows the diecast vehicle to be viewed while still inside the box. This packaging makes it easy for collectors to display their models, while keeping them in mint condition. Window box packaging is most commonly used for 1/18, 1/24, and 1/32 scale models.

Examples: 12927-gl-the-great-gatsby-duesemberg-window-box.jpg   73213ac-r-sho-1949-ford-coupe-124-box-az-windowbox.jpg

Retail Gift Box

A retail gift box is a box that does not have a viewing window. This is a typical box used for most items you buy at any retail store, thus the name. Most retail gift boxes include a picture of the item on the outside of the box so you can identify the model. Retail Gift boxes are commonly used for 1/18 scale cars.

Examples: 5285-sun-ford-1958-fairlane-500-118-az-det-gift-box.jpg gt124-acme-koenig-testarossa-twin-turbo-rosso-corsa-118-3-box-az-gift-box.jpg 

Hard Plastic Case

A "hard plastic case" is an acrylic/plastic display case. Some diecast companies package models in a case with a cardboard outer box that displays the item's information on it. This is similar to a window box in appearance; however, the plastic case is harder and more durable, like acrylic cases that are sometimes sold separately. This type of packaging is most used for smaller cars such as 1/43 and 1/64 scale models.

Examples: 86330-gl-1977-pontiac-firebird-ta-143-box-red-az-th-plastic-case.jpg 20542-art-black-2004-shelby-cobra-concept-164-box-az-az-th-plastic-case.jpg 


When an item's packaging says "loose", this means that the car has been repackaged from bulk packaging. The model was originally packaged by the manufacturer in a display box that held multiple cars. This is normally the way you would see diecast cars displayed in local retail stores. However, when the car gets shipped from our warehouse, it will be repackaged and wrapped securely in a typical shipping box. It is important to note that these items are brand new, they are just not packaged in their own box. Items with this kind of packaging are usually somewhat cheaper than items that come in a window box. This type of packaging is commonly used for 1/24 and 1/32 scale cars.

Examples:  Original display Box ➡ packaging-ex.jpgHow it's shipped ➡packaging-ex-2.jpg packaging-ex-02.jpg  
Bister Card

When an item's packaging is listed as a blister card/pack, this means the item is sealed in plastic, often with a cardboard backing. The item's information is usually listed on the cardboard backing. For a common example, it is the way most Hot Wheels are packaged. Blister cards are mostly used for 1/64 scale models.

Examples:  42790c-2015-silverado-az-th-blister.jpg11228-33-1969-blue-1969-plymouth-road-runner-440-6-pack-0-az-az-th-blister.jpg