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Top 16 Hollywood Movie and TV Diecast Cars PART II

Top 16 Hollywood Movie and TV Diecast Cars PART I

If you're a big lover of all things Hollywood (or just shopping for one), you'll be thrilled to know that there are diecast toy cars from some of the most iconic movies and tv shows! Whether you love watching a young Michael J. Fox in the Back to the Future franchise or prefer feeling like a part of the family with The Godfather, there are toy cars to feed every film lovers obsession. Is TV more your thing? Then toy cars from groundbreaking TV shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, may be of interest to you!

So, think about some of your favorite movies and shows. We're pretty sure you can find a diecast model for at least one of the projects that came to mind!

To help you select the perfect toy for yourself or your film fanatic friends, below is an overview of the best-selling Hollywood themed diecast model toy cars. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us and we'll be happy to oblige!


We have such a huge collection of diecast toy Batmobiles that they won't fit on this page! Click here for an overview of most seminal Batmobile models. 

Fast & Furious Cars

The Fast & Furious is Hollywood's most iconic car-themed movie franchise ever, and we've got the world's best selection of diecast Fast & Furious cars. Click here for more info. 

Bullitt Diecast Cars

Want to relive one of the greatest car chases in cinematic history? Bring home your own 1968 Ford Mustang and Dodge Charger from the iconic movie Bullitt, starring the late, great Steve McQueen!

1968 Dodge Charger R/T, Steve McQueen Bullit - Greenlight 44711E 

1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback, Steve McQueen Bullit - Greenlight 44711F

Breaking Bad Diecast Cars

During its 5-season run, Breaking Bad broke barriers and records, earning the title (by some critics) "the best show ever made." Take home a piece of history with any one of our Breaking Bad diecast cars.

Breaking Bad 1986 Fleetwood Bounder RV, Tan with Stripes - Greenlight 33021/48

Jesse Pinkman's 1982 Chevy Monte Carlo, Breaking Bad - Greenlight 86501  

The Walking Dead Diecast Cars

When it comes to tv, there is no truer fan base than that of The Walking Dead! If you consider yourself a "Walker" then one of our Walking Dead diecast cars is a perfect fit for your cult collection (that you don't want to admit you have.)

1973 Ford F-100 Ranger XLT Pickup Truck, The Walking Dead - Greenlight 12956 

Dale's 1973 Winnebago Chieftain, The Walking Dead - Greenlight 33100B/48 

John Wick Diecast Cars

This is a story about a man who seeks revenge for his dog and his beloved car! Sounds strange doesn't it? But add in a super cool Keanu Reeves and a beautiful cast of vintage cars including a 1969 Ford Mustang, you'll see why the John Wick franchise has taken the world by storm!

1969 Ford Mustang BOSS 429 (John Wick), Gray - Greenlight 44780E/48 

2008 Ford Crown Victoria Taxi, John Wick Chapter 2 - Greenlight 44790F 

2011 Dodge Charger SXT, John Wick - Greenlight 44790E/48 

The Big Lebowski Diecast Cars

Relive the best and most bizarre moments of this cult classic with the cars that made it all happen! Whether you're finding The Dude's stolen Torino in Van Nuys in an abutment, or trashing Little Larry Sellers's car to show him what happens when you mess with a stranger, these detailed diecast replicas are the perfect choice for any worshiper of The Dude and his crew!

Little Larry Seller's 1985 Chevrolet Corvette C4 (The Big Lebowski), Red - Greenlight 86497 

Da Fino's 1973 Volkswagen Beetle (The Big Lebowski), Blue - Greenlight 86496

Jurassic World Diecast Cars

The Jurassic Park franchise has been dramatically painting the picture of Humans and Dinosaurs cohabiting since 1993! The latest installment of movies, the Jurassic World Trilogy, features an adventurous, yet funny Chris Pratt, taking on genetically engineered dinosaurs that have a mind of their own.

Jurassic World Rescue Truck, Blue with White - JADA 97078 

Jurassic World Mercedes-Benz G550 Truck, Candy Silver - JADA 97076 

Cars Diecast Cars

Take a ride with Lightning McQueen, his best friend Mater, and the rest of the Radiator Springs gang as they take on The Piston Cup, The Grand Prix, and McQueen's toughest challenge yet; retirement!

Disney Pixar CARS 3 Lightning McQueen, Red w/ Flames - Jada 98365 

Disney Pixar CARS 3 Jackson Storm, Black w/ Blue - Jada 98361 

Transformers Diecast Cars

The Transformers movies have resurrected the classic 1980's tv show, into a thrilling adventure with realistic life size robots and visually stunning special effects for over 10 years! Collect your favorite robots from the movies while they're "in disguise" with our diecast models. 

Optimus Prime, Transformers - Jada 30446 

TRANSFORMERS 5 Barricade Custom Police Mustang, Blue w/White - Jada 98400