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Here at, we do our absolute best to try to make our customers happy (yes, that means you!).  We start with a huge selection of cool products at unbeatable prices, get your product to you safe and on-time with fastidious packing and timely shipping, and seal the deal with super-attentive customer service.

Does all that sound too good to be true?  It isn't... just ask our customers!

Here's a sampling of what some of our thousands of satisfied customers have to say:

"Arrived very fast, in new condition as described, superbly packed for shipment, and all at a good price for this item! Your shipping packaging is first rate professional, actually some of the very best I've seen among online sellers. Thanks much! I'm extremely pleased and would certainly buy from you again -- highly recommended!"

 -       Robert F., Hattiesburg, MS


"AWESOMESAUCE!!!!!!! Delivered early and just what I expected."

-       Damian M., Dallas, TX


"I wish I found your site months ago. You have great prices. Anywhere from 10-25$ less than I paid for my cars. You made my day when I opened the box and to my amazement there was my 55 Chevy. I'm 58 yet felt like a 12 year old kid on Christmas morning. Thank you for making my day."

-      Kurt V., Campbell, CA

"Excellent service. Item arrived well-packaged and several days ahead of schedule."

-      Manny A., Eureka, MO


"I just received my first purchase from you, and as the collector many Corvette diecast, your packaging for shipment is the best I've ever seen!...  I really want to complement you on the amount of effort time you take and packaging your shipments because it's the best I've ever seen was very impressed!"

-      Bill P., New Castle, DE


 "Everything I expected. Very fast shipping and the car was just what I had hoped it would be!"

-      Tom H., Stockbridge, GA


"Your service is 2nd to none!  I am very impressed and hope to do business with you in the future again."

-      John R., New Brunswick, Canada


"Hello, just wanna say how excited I am to discover your website and the collection of cars is insane!... I look forward to ordering more cars and in the mean time enjoy my car collection pics."

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-       Bobby A., South Texas


"I ordered these figurines to my father. They came in the Mail today, to Norway. Super happy with the figurines in 1/18 scale."


-    Arve H., Larvik, Norway


"Good night the three cars arrived today. Thank you very much for everything! I would like to share photos of my passion."

ford-gt-testimoniel.jpg ford-gt-testimoniel-2.jpg

-    Alvaro O., Chile


"I have been ordering the 5322/4D-BOX-BDL the 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C cars from you and you have been shipping them out promptly!


I also own a Shelby Cobra and now when I take my car to shows, track events, or even to a gas stop I have on the ready the pull-back cars I have been purchasing from you. 

I wish you could see the kids faces when I ask them “do you like cars?”  And both the Boys & Girls say yes, or are too shy to say anything, so their parents speak up for them.   Then when I ask them “what color do you like?”  “Red, Blue, White or Yellow?” … as they look at me with a quizzical look!   Out of the box, I have in the trunk, is one of your Shelby Cobra cars, with the color they picked.  The next part is, those shy kids are now laughing, jumping up and down, and suddenly talkative! 

I could careless about the show trophies, or the race awards, as compared to the joy on a kids face, as they hold the toy car they just got,  makes the day enjoyable, and rewarding.

So I’ll be back every few weeks for another box of those Shelby Cobra pull-back toy cars!"

-  Ralph “The Traveler” B., NY

If you're overjoyed with your purchase, or even if you think there's room for improvement, we'd like to hear from you!  So please feel free to drop us a line.